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Plant Papers & me

From my first experiments with gathering plants to make paper I have continued to explore and develop a wide range of different papers. The plants give the energy and sometimes the color and the different methods I have developed provide the other effects.

My large selection of dried flower petals, seeds, and other plant parts provide the textural elements when they are added to the sheets to make the paper needed for different uses.  Over time I have discovered the paper I make from plants is very strong and resilient and will last for many years. Using only fresh and dried plant material to make the paper seems to be the secret.

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More About Jan


In the early 1980s, my passion turned from making pots to making paper. Early experiments making paper from plants opened my eyes to a new experience. I moved to Vancouver in 1983 and since then have been earning my living exploring the paper medium in my studio on Pender Street. I transform plant energy into handmade botanical papers that I use to create original works of art, sculptures and an extensive line of art cards. Over the years I have completed commissions for hotels, businesses, and private homes as well as wholesaling to gift shops and galleries. Collaboration with clients with site-specific needs is something I have always enjoyed.

Where you can find Jan’s Art

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